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Our Story

19+ Years Of Sustainable Reef Aquarium Rock


I've been using MarcoRocks in several of our large builds, including the main 20,000 g coral display at Long Island Aquarium & Exposition Center. As a curator and co-founder of the aquarium, I can't think of a better natural product to build large reef scapes with. We recently put in 2000 lbs of rock, and there was zero impact to the water quality. Mostly reef saver, foundation, and some shelf rock. We highly recommend MarcoRocks for any tank big and small.

Joe Y

MarcoRocks will hands down make your tank rock! (Pun intended) I used 100 percent MarcoRocks in my tank and had it up and running within a month. Even transferred over all of my sps corals and did not lose a single coral in the transfer. It was super easy to make awesome aquascape structures with just a dab of cement. The rock is pretty dense so you know its not moving anywhere once you place your structure in the tank. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is starting up a new tank. You won't be disappointed!!


Ultra clean! The ONLY rock I trust to put in ANY tank at ANY time and not worry about leeching, ammonia spikes or having to wait till it cures. Just a small rinse and ready to tank or aquascape!! I always see people saying MarcoRocks has to be cured. I guess they mix up curing and cycling. I have NEVER needed to cure it. Every time I get a box I feel like a big kid about to play with Lego toys.

Romeo JM