100% Natural from Ancient Reef Formations

Natural vs Coralline

Our Natural colored (white) rock, available since early 2005, has come to be a trusted staple for aquarium hobbyists, enthusiasts and public aquariums world wide. It is still very popular among purests who have been using it for years. However, we also saw a need or demand for a rock that offered the instant gratification of an appealing color during cycle and maturing, while not hindering long term success and bacterial colonization like some of the painted and artificial products can. 

Out of this desire to raise the bar, so to speak, came our MarcoRocks Coralline series. Our color treatment was not something easily developed because our standards were very high. We demanded it be fully organic, and that it not affect porosity that's key to the long term success of a bio filter. In addition, it had to be good looking and it had to hit a price point in reach of an average hobbyist. We developed our process working closely with an organics lab and marine biologists. It's not intended to be an artist's rendition of live rock, but to be the best rock on the market offering aesthetics without compromising long term success.


We are very proud of the results and happy to recommend our full line of MR Coralline products with confidence. From the rock products to bonding and fragging, they are all designed by aquarists for aquarists and we're sure you'll love them.