100% Natural from Ancient Reef Formations

About Us

19+ Years Of Sustainable Reef Aquarium Rock

MarcoRocks was founded in 2005 from the belief that our industry needed a responsible “green” alternative to wild collected live rock.  From that belief grew a following of aquarists and stores worldwide who demand MarcoRock for all of their aqua-scaping needs. All products are made in the USA.

Our facility in sunny Homestead Florida sits on 5 acres featuring multiple greenhouses and a brand new building built specifically to turn our natural rock into the beautiful, clean, porous limestone product known proudly as MarcoRocks. Now exporting to destinations all over the world, we produce all of our own rock products and are one of the largest producers and shippers of aquarium rock in the USA. We are fully licensed for State of Florida Aquaculture and we continuously work on improving our product line for the end user. You will see more special projects that will be rolling out shortly.

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