100% Natural from Ancient Reef Formations

Why Choose MarcoRocks

Why Choose MarcoRocks

May 4th 2023

MarcoRocks aquarium rock is a high-quality, natural rock that is perfect for saltwater aquariums. It is made from ancient reef rock that was buried when the Florida land mass was formed. This rock is highly porous, which makes it ideal for providing a home for beneficial bacteria and algae. It is al …

Joe Cap’s Thoughts On Dry Rock Vs Live Rocks

Mar 7th 2023

A thread on Reef2reef had reefers debating the merits of each type of rock and more specifically the issue of Dinos.Joe chimed in and here’s his reponse:“Having done this for 30 years now, I would like to share my quick opinion on the subject of dead vs live rock.It is kind of a no-brainer that from …