100% Natural from Ancient Reef Formations

Two Little Fishies STAX Rock

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As seen debuted at the MarcoRocks and the Two Little Fishies Booths on the 2017 Reef Aquarium show circuit. A great way to Aquascape!

100% Natural and Sustainably Collected

Cut For Ease Of Stacking

For Marine or Freshwater

  • Flat, porous, oolitic limestone, cut on both sides for ease of stacking
  • 100% natural, never any chemicals or additives
  • Sustainably collected
  • For Marine or Freshwater
  • Provides stable structure and limitless creative fun
  • Use with E-Marco 400 to make open, gravity defying structures with lots of horizontal surface for attaching live corals
  • Average size 3″-5″, approx. 1″ thick
  • Perfect for building a nano scape or adding to your existing structures
  • Reef safe and ready to go into any aquarium